Running Aframe days 1, 2 and 3

Monday was the first day I brought out an aframe board and propped it up on a small table. I have video taped every session but one, and it really helps! I wish I could post some, but my new camera films in quicktime files and it takes forever for me to convert them to be able to edit them. Eventually I’ll put one big one together.

Monday we did 2 sessions on the small table, I rewarded everything but one. I then went home and watched the video. I was experimenting with a clicker and realized I was clicking the first stride consistently. It helped me realize what  my eye was not seeing, but I’m finding it easier now to not use a clicker at all.

Tuesday we did 2 sessions on the small table and 2 session on the 16″ table. I’m playing around with where to start him on the table. I’m getting the best striding into the yellow when he is sitting right at the top of the board. Sitting on the far back side of the table, he is hitting a little high.

Then while Derby was out running around, I was struck with an idea! I’ve thought about retraining a running aframe for him, and now would be the perfect opportunity for it! So he gets to do a session between each of Chips. I don’t if it helps that he is quite a bit bigger than Chip, but he strides into the yellow a lot easier.

Today we did 3 more sessions with each dog using the 16″ table. Derby got 2 that weren’t rewarded, Chip had 3.

If I  leave Derby on the table and lead out, then release him, he runs down great. But if we don’t do a sit stay and I just try to run with him, he goes into 2o2o. Working through it! It’s nice having him to play around with and help train my eye. I’m not worried about screwing him up at all!

Other Chip training this week… Shaping an automatic stop on the table. Working on sends with a hoop. We continued with a little shaping of the teeter end behavior today after not doing it for a couple weeks.


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