USDAA nationals day one

Day one was long! They had some
“technical” difficulties. We were also the last height to run, so I wasn’t done toll after 8pm. We got there at 2 expecting to walk at 3.
We were definitely spoiled at West World in Scottsdale. Louisville and the Expo Center seem dirty and kind of ghetto. The crating area here is one large (old) room, with very noisy dogs (and people!) all over the place. Remember how quiet and secluded the Scottsdale crating area was?! I’m used to dirt and dust so that didn’t bother me much. The off leash area is just dirty dead grass in the parking lot. Not much fun to be had there.
The main three rings in the big arena are nice! They all have Premier jumps and you can watch all of them at the same time. However, there are two rings in another hall, quite a long ways away (with not nearly as nice of equipment!).
Poor derby had been sitting around so much I was afraid he’d be a little more squirrely like he was last year. But he ran really well! There were tons of off courses happening but he never even looked at one! It was a really fun course to start off with, tricky but fun! Pulled off a 1st place in Performance European Standard.
We head back for team gamblers tomorrow!


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