Day 2 USDAA Nationals

Another light day today, with just Team Gamblers. Thankfully we didn’t have to run in Performance Grand Prix Quarter Finals, those courses are always pretty tricky.

My weakest events are the games, snooker and gamblers. I just don’t do enough of them to have the experience and be comfortable with it. Or know Derby’s strengths and weaknesses with it. At least I know most of the rules now which helps!

We didn’t get nearly as many gamblers points as we could have. After having weaves as the distance challenge in the last two nationals, I need to start practicing more distance entries with him. Once he’s in the poles he does them very independently, just never work independent entries. I got VERY lucky when the judge stopped me when I was leading out to inform me Derby still had his collar on. Big oops for me! So thankfully we actually got some points!

Tomorrow we have Team Standard and Performance Grand Prix Semi Finals. Back to 2 numbered courses! That’s more like it!


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