13 month Chip

Chip learned rear crosses tonight. Have one jump in the downstairs room of the house. He’s pretty consistent with the idea. We are working on harder angles now and making sure he knows the difference between a pull cue and a RC cue.
Last week in his 2nd 2×2 session he got up to 2 sets of poles 7 feet apart. He was picking it up pretty quickly.
We’ve been doing contact targeting sessions for part of his dinner. He is now interacting with the target on the ground not just when its in my hand. I’m having to tape it to the carpet so it doesn’t move around too much. He offers kind of a chin touch then starts pawing it or biting it if I wait for him to offer multiples. I’m just happy he’s interacting with it now.
I’m putting the aframe on hold until he’s a little older. That will give me more time to decide on a method. Still can’t decide between the box and the Trkman method. I have the aframe only part of her method clarified now, so I may go back to that.
He gets his hips X-rayed next weekend when we go to Portland for the rose city cluster.


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