Running contact sagas

Oy, I’ve never been one to enjoy a challenge. If things can be easy, I prefer it that way. I have a golden retriever after all!

I wanted to train a running dog walk for mainly two reasons. One, not stopping is fun. Derby has gotten away with “partial stops” for awhile now and that excitement of just running is FUN! Two, I know how stopped contacts erode over time. I’ve watched it with Derby and know I let it get out of control. I’ve also seen most people struggle with it at one time or another. I know I can fix or prevent that erosion, and I actually have been working on it successfully with Derb. But eh, if I can avoid it from the start, why not??

So we’ve been down this path seriously since about the April. Going through the highs and lows. Really good days, and really super frustrating days. Days where I think, “this was a dumb idea, I could have trained a stop by now.” and days where I think “Holy crap, this may just work after all!!”.I struggled with not being able to see what he was doing. Not being able to click at the right time. Not being able to throw the toy right. I think I have all of those under control now. Having the online class with Silvia Trkman has been amazing. She has great advice, and I so recommend working with her!

I think I pissed myself off enough that I REALLY want it now. I REALLY want to master this. I REALLY want to help Chip understand what I want. That is what’s made me not give up, as easy as that would have been. Good days like today help get ya by. I know there are a lot of good and bad days ahead of us. We have a long way to go and so much more to work on. But today made me think, we really CAN do this! I’m so, so proud of my little Chippy. He apparently IS learning something ;)


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