Chip training 8.17

I always feel like we are cramming for test the week before a trial. We spend so much time on dogwalks, that we need to refresh on handling. Chip really seems to be growing up these days, doing some ‘big  boy’ agility moves. He is in excellent for the first time this weekend, we’re mainly going just for the experience. He won’t have a chance to get on grass until next summer, so it was now or a long time from now. Secondly, I really want some good agility pictures of him! Hopefully outside we can get some!

This week in classes we ran this course….

I wasn’t really planning on running it with him, feeling like it was above his head. But he pretty much aced it the first time (only running to the weaves the first time we tried to get #7). So later that night I actually got some video of us breaking down and rewarding.

I need to get a tri-pod. I really need to get a tri-pod that is motion controlled to follow us around the course…

I’ve been wanting a verbal command for decel cues. I played around with words, but couldn’t find anything to roll off my tongue well. Then last week “choochoochoo” came out really easy.”Choo Choo” has always been kind of a nick name for him, you know “little Chippy Choo Choo Bee”. So linking all those Choo’s together comes out easy and kinda sounds cool.

We ran the course two different ways. With a FC 3-4, and a post turn at 5…which set him up better for #7.  Or a serpentine over #4 and a FC wrap at #5, he really had a much more direct line to that off course jump going that way.


On a side note, loved running in my new Minimus shoes! Recently I had been feeling like my shoes were really heavy when running, especially in the grass. I had newer Inov-8 shoes, which were on the lighter side, but nothing compared to the minimus! I feel like I’m running on clouds with them!




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