Red Hot Rovers USDAA Oct 2011

This weekend was ,major contact rehab for Derby. He has been hitting criteria in trials about 0% of the time, getting closer and closer to no yellow. I know I’ve let his 2 on 2 off behavior erode, and now it’s MY job to fix that. I can’t justify punishing him by course removal, when I haven’t been holding up my end of the deal. So we’ve been working on massive reinforcement with jackpot rewards. We haven’t done too much of it yet, especially last week when I was sick and he got zero work. In training I’ve been using canned food to reward him in position, we go through a whole routine before hyping him up. In trials we do that routine, then if he hits the contact criteria he get to eat out of the can after his run. We also lucked out having gamblers as the first run of the weekend. He ran off the end of the first A frame he did, I got to say “HEEEEY wait a minute!” and turn around and do the A frame again. He hit criteria on 2 more A frames and 2 dogwalks in gamblers.

I am also trying to “make a moment” if he doesn’t stop. Can’t just run on and party. It’s hard to do especially if he’s already on to the next obstacle or I’m running to fast to slow down. But sure enough in our next run, Master Standard, he didn’t stop on either. I couldn’t stop him to make a moment after the frame, but the dogwalk was the 3rd to last obstacle. We stopped and settled for a second, then ran it out. No jackpot wet food. Came back and hit every contact in Grand Prix and Steeplechase. (Had an off course in GP and was 2nd place in PSJ)

We’ll see if this keeps up, it’s my incentive to start entering FAST when it’s the first class of the day.  A good reminder for him.

He only had one naughty contact Sunday, the first dogwalk in IHC standard. Fortunately the course allowed me to make a moment of it. He then stopped until release on the next contact, the teeter….which I never ask him to stop on.

Then had perfect criteria in Standard, and Steeplechase. Both of which he won. Had a SUPER fun IHC 26″ jumpers course and came in 2nd since a lot of dogs weren’t clean. Wish I had it on video!

Chip had his first show with multiple runs! He followed the same dog in Snooker and Jumpers and it got him really super excited/hyped up. I was a little worried about his focus but he listened well. Just couldn’t control his legs in snooker to hold onto those weave entries! But finished it for the Q!

He had one of his best jumpers runs ever. Holy smokes he was moving at the end!

He also got to try IHC jumpers, which I knew would be really above his head. He handled it better than I thought. I set him up on a really harsh angle for the first jump and he went around it. I had to change plans half way though because I couldn’t get a front cross in. The on the ending  my little weave sucker, didn’t read a rear cross and had to go way out of his way to enter the poles again ;)

this is my best recreation of the course since I never found a course map to take.

It was nice to get to run him more than once a day, if we ever get these flingflanging contacts done it will be a lot of fun! But that’s for another post another day…

I LOOVELOVELOVE USDAA! One of my favorite things is how small the trials are. There is so much room to sit and walk around the arena and crating area. Very few screaming dogs and no massive camp set ups of six thousand crates. Plus you get so many runs a day…tournaments….regionals….steeplechase….IHC….


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