AKC Nationals days 1 and 2


Just a quick little something before bed. Walk thru is at 7am tomorrow, yikes! We get to run 6th though! So excited to not sit and wait through hundreds of dogs!

So proud of my Derby Derb! Two clear rounds today! He executed both courses perfectly! We are sitting 29th out of 200+ 20″ dogs! Pretty proud of that!!
He ran his warm up run perfectly (if you don’t count a broken stay, good thing I didn’t need too much of a lead out!). Poor guy slipped on the teeter in time to beat and bit it pretty hard :( perfect run other than that!
Looking forward to kicking Hybrid’s butt tomorrow!!

Also looking forward to heading home, I’m done with Reno. It’s incredibly cold and there is hardly anywhere to potty the dogs. Our hotel has no grass, just a bunch of sharp rocks that make the dog’s feet ouchy :/

AKC runs a really great event. I’m really impressed with all the technology they are using and the nice equipment. Ring 1-3 are great and I hear they are even re-grooming the dirt for tomorrow. Lots of seating and free admission and parking are a plus! Parking is pretty close so I can crate the boys in the car. That crating room is full of way too many barking dogs to be restful!
Then there is ring 4 in the “dungeon”. Small ring in a dark building, not nearly as nice as the other three rings. We get to run in there again in the morning!




One thought on “AKC Nationals days 1 and 2

  1. Funny how obsessed I’ve been thinking about you and others from the NW at the Nationals. You guys are doing so awesome!! Hope Sunday is an even better day for you and Derby!! Wishing you the best!!! And remember – Have fun!!! Hugs, Sandi & Dexter

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