Derby Derb (what’s up)


So much fun running Derby after my classes tonight. I can’t say we were training, because well…I have nothing left to teach him agility wise. I learn so much more from him these days. So I guess it was more just practicing our moves ;)

I feel bad about our lack of practice time lately. Most of my training time goes to Little Brother. So I really try to make and effort to let Derb come have some fun. And oh man, does he ever. He makes me smile, just cracks me up the funny dog he is. He’s a tugging machine and a loud mouth. So much fun feeling that rhythm with him.

He still has a way of surprising me, good and naughty ;) At our last USDAA trial he shocked me by getting two (two!!) gambles! Team and Masters! The little bit of sending cramming we did paid off! He also surprised me by going so far behind me to take an off course in team. But a dog this brilliant is allowed some naughtiness every now and then.

Can’t wait to take him to Denver this year. As much as we’ll both miss Chippy at home, it will be good to just be partners again.


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