New Moves Summer


Photo by Tori Self

This summer we dedicated our time to learning. We had just two days of trials since May, and did 4 different seminars. I haven’t done a seminar in years, and I haven’t done a seminar with any one besides GD and SG in many many years.

While we have been expanding our handling over that past year, I’ve been mostly winging it. I’ve focused on a lot of Silvia Trkman stuff with Chip, and implementing some different things while teaching classes. But it was nice to learn more clearly how, why and where we should be doing these “new moves”.

Ah, “New Moves”. It is very, VERY refreshing to go to a seminar and have someone tell you there are multiple ways of doing something….that the way you want to do it isn’t wrong…..that different things work for different dogs…different people.

I will never follow one person’s word as gospel again. There are things I liked from every seminar presenter I worked with this summer. Things I will and already have implemented in  my training and handling. Some things that I won’t necessarily use with my dogs, but will work well with some student’s dogs. An emphasis on our handling will now be commitment and independence. Who wouldn’t want to trust their dogs more and stay ahead of them easier?!

You also learn a lot from observing other people at seminars. A lot about how I want to learn and participate at a seminar or class. When presented with a new or different idea, at a seminar/class you have paid money and spent time to attend, why fight/argue/question the presenter?? Just try their idea, you don’t have to go home and do it that way forever and ever. You  may like it, your dog may like it. You may not like it….good news, you don’t have to do it like that again! Or worse yet pull a “well, ‘so and so instructor’ says I should do it like this”….really??? Well you are not at “so and so instructor’s” class, that is so rude to the presenter in front of you.

Other new moves this summer included having my first UKI judging assignment….in Hawaii! All my cramming andstudying rules, paid off and I had a really fun time doing it! Spending a few days in Hawaii wasn’t too bad either ;) I got to judge another day last week here at home. I love designing courses anyway, so actually getting to use them and watch people run them is fun! I have entertained the idea of going to the AKC judges seminar sometime (next year?). It might be hard to design courses for AKC after all the fun stuff I get to do in UKI ;)


So excited to start our “trialing season” this fall/winter. I really enjoy taking most of the summer off from showing, makes me really excited to start back up again. Looking forward to start knocking out some Q’s for Cynosport 2014! Thinking about taking Chip to tryouts in May, FEO maybe, get some experience under our belts :)



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