Operation Contact


Photo by Nina Sage

After managing Derby’s contact behavior for the past 3 or 4 years, I’ve decided to give him a little rehab and see if I can get back his solid 2on2off behavior in trials.

A few reasons for this…

  1. A clear 2on2off contact is so, so much faster for him. He has lost a lot of speed coming down the contacts in trials as he guesses what I want him to do. Or as I’m slowing down and yelling at him to “wait”. He has incredibly fast contacts when he confidently drives into position, like in practice.
  2. To set a good example and prove some points ;)
  3. We have a few big competitions coming up next year. I would really like the confidence that he will hit his contacts.

So far we have only had two trials to work on this. The first trial he missed criteria on the Aframe and the teeter, but had a perfect DW. The second trial he missed the DW and teeter criteria, but had a perfect aframe. Looking forward to having two days of trials to work on them this weekend.

My dogs will have 3 or 4 big competitions next year, I want to go into them knowing I can rely on them to do their jobs. So we use local, everyday weekend trials to work on them. I know Chip will not leave the teeter before he has been released. He has left early once, and immediately felt bad about it and wanted to get back on. It is very rare that he every gets quick released from it, same goes for the DW when I have him stop. Derby is a bit of a different dog, much pushier than Chip, but he does his job when he knows what it is/that I expect him to.

So we’ll report back after this weekend and see how criteria holds up :)


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